WordPress SSL Setup

We will briefly talk about how to install SSL and WordPress SSL, which means safe entry. You actively have a website and you benefit from WordPress SSL here; you may encounter some problems. These problems generally occur after the installation of the SSL certificate. Some symptoms appear when there is a problem. The most common of these symptoms are; the green bar does not appear, the secure lock feature is not enabled. The main reason for encountering these problems is usually; The SSL certificate is not up-to-date. These are also naturally seen as a software problem.

SSL certificate; it is a secure bridge between websites and internet browsers. Data flows between recipients and servers are encrypted and protected. SSL certificates are found especially on shopping sites. WordPress SSL setup prevents a person’s credentials, address information, or number information from being in the hands of third parties. It is in your best interest to take care of whether there is an SSL certificate when shopping online. Whether there is an SSL assurance; you can see the green lock in the search bar.

WordPress SSL Setup Stages

We’ll talk about what are the WordPress SSL installation stages, are they easy or some of them. For WordPress SSL setup, you first need to log in to your WordPress management panel with your username. Then you will need to select the add new option from the add-ons section on the administration screen.

The second step is; you will type Really Simple SSL in the search section. After you write, you should click the install button immediately to the right of the first result. Another thing you will do after activing the plugin in question is; Selecting Enable SSL Certificate. After taking this last step, all HTTP extensions in the infrastructure of the website; It will become HTTPS.

After setup, you may experience warnings that report some problems. This error is usually “possible certificate issues detected”. If you encounter this problem, what you need to do is: will report the problem. After you have made the necessary declaration; the alert in your hosting package will disappear. The error will replace the incoming screen with a green notification screen. If you activate the green button that appears on this screen; You can use your SSL certificate with peace of mind.

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