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With the advanced cache management of the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, you can make your site faster than before. Developed by LiteSpeed, this plugin has left behind many popular cache plugins.

Thanks to its self-contained image optimization feature, it can reduce the images you upload by 80%. Thanks to this feature, which allows many image formats, you will not need to install another plugin.

In fact, alcause the settings of LiteSpeed Cache vary according to each theme, we will try to show certain general adjustments.

Recommended Settings

  • After installing LiteSpeed Cache, enter “LiteSpeed Cache > Settings” from the left menu.
  • On the LiteSpeed Cache setting page, click on the “Show Advanced Options” button on the right side.


  • Click on the “Optimize” tab as shown in the picture. Then save the settings with the “Save Changes” button after adjusting the settings as indicated in the picture on the page that opens.


  • Click on the “Tuning” tab as shown in the picture. Then, after adjusting the settings as indicated in the picture on the page that opens, save the settings with the “Save Changes” button.

You don’t need to make any more adjustments to subsequent areas. LiteSpeed Cache’s default settings will be healthier to remain.

As for the image optimization feature; Let’s say you are loading high resolution HQ images on your site. These images will take up a lot of space on your server and slow down your system. That’s why we also recommend using image optimization.

LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization

  • Click on the “Image Optimization” sub-tab in the “LiteSpeed Cache” category in the left menu.
  • On the “Image Optimization” page that opens, click on the “Initialize Optimization” button if it is not installed and install it.
  • After installation is finished, “100” Credits will be defined first. 1 Credit equals 1 image. After clicking on the “Send Optimization Request” button, the image optimization process will begin.

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