WordPress Instagram Plugins (Free)

Instagram is a free photo sharing application that has become really popular with iPhone and Android phone users over the last years. It offers the ability to share a photo using one of the built-in filter effects after taking it. It is of great importance in increasing your interaction with your followers and friends thanks to the ability to instantly share the photos you take on Twitter and Facebook.

We will share some free plugins to share your Instagram photos on your WordPress blog.

Instagram Feed WD

Instagram Feed WD is one of the best Instagram plugins for WordPress. It is a simple Instagram plugin that comes with a user-friendly administration and easy installation. It allows you to embed hashtags and users’ private Instagram feeds on your website within minutes.

Instagrate to WordPress

This plugin automatically integrates your Instagram photos into your blog site. After installing the plugin and a few minor tweaks, you can easily display your photos and videos from your Instagram account on your blog site.

AccessPress Instagram Feed

You can use your Instagram photos without annotation information and frame formatting. Thanks to this plug-in developed by AccessPress, you can display your Instagram photos on your site quite simply.

Feed Them Social

One plugin for all social networking platforms. It allows you to add a copy of your Instagram feed directly to a page of your website as it appears on Instagram (desktop version).

Instagram Feed

If you want to show multiple Instagram feeds on one page, you can do it easily with this plugin. You can customize the stream display with this plugin.

Instagram Slider Widget

Once installed and activated, it creates a responsive widget that displays the latest Instagram posts in transitive or group order. No need to set API access. You can easily set up your impression flow with your Instagram username.

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