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Congratulations if you applied for AdSense and received approval to monetize your WordPress site. The real confusing point now comes across. Because WordPress doesn’t have built-in ad promotion fields. You need to use Google AdSense plugin to place ad promotional codes on your site.

Now, if we come to the ad plug-ins we will recommend to you;

Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads helps you easily insert ad promotion code into the content of your site. You can display AdSense advertisements before, after, and after the specified number of paragraphs from the plugin settings. For example, when you add a per-paragraph ad promotion, you can display a fixed ad promotion above each post.

WP Quads

WP Quads is a highly popular Google AdSense plugin that allows you to show multiple ad promotions to your site’s content. The main reason this plugin is popular is that it works problem-free with all WordPress themes.

From the plugin settings, you can show the Google Ads position to the beginning, middle, end and between paragraphs of your choice. It flexibly supports the customization of ads on the basis of user type, text and page.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is one of the advanced ad promotion management plugins for WordPress. This plugin is suitable for adding AdSense and many other similar ad promotion networks to your site. The plugin, which helps you to make the correct advertisement promotion placement, has a strong software staff.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads allows you to add the codes of all ad promotion networks you want on your WordPress site and create conditions. It has almost the same features as the add-ons we mentioned above.

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