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WordPress backup plugins help you protect your site’s important information. In general, hosting companies take regular system backups. When it comes to backups, don’t rely on your hosting business. Because there may be unexpected situations, you have to be ready for natural disasters.

You should know that each add-on has a different functioning when it comes to backing up. The WordPress webpage consists of both a database and a series of files stored on the web server. /wp-content folder that contains your theme, plugins and file downloads should be your first priority. Some add-ins back up both the database and files. Some plugins are designed to back up only your database or files. You must have full access to the database and /wp-content folder to access all of your site’s data.

Now to introduce plugins;

Backup & Restore Dropbox

Backup & Restore Dropbox, plugin WordPress, you can use your site to safely back up to your DropBox account, a cloud storage service. If a problem occurs on your site, you can restore the backup directly from the WordPress management panel. You can also store your backups on your own server.


You can back up, restore, and move your WordPress site seamlessly. You can also download your backup file for storage on your own computer. It allows you to connect the professional version to backup schedule and various cloud storage services.


WordPress can regularly time backups of your database and email them to you. It can also archive your WordPress database backups on your server. The plugin is very easy to use. You can also make automatic database optimization and repair.

WP Time Capsule

Instead of spending time and resources on full backup each time, WP Time Capsule only performs backups of changing files. You can install backups by syncing them to your Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive account.


WPBackItUp can make a backup of your site with a single click. The plugin can store the backup as a zip file within your web server. It can notify you by e-mail of the prepared backups.


UpdraftPlus is one of the most powerful plugins you can use for the WordPress backup process. The plugin allows you to select the files you want to back up. It can time the backup process and also install it on all known cloud storage systems without problems. You can also seamlessly transfer your site to any server thanks to its advanced site migration function.

WP Database Backup

It can back up your site’s database to cloud storage, email, or FTP. With the scheduling feature, you can make backups at regular intervals. If you can customize for a database backup, it does not include tables that you do not want in the backup.


You can time backups for your site and store them in cloud storage systems. Backups zip, tar, tar. Gz or tar. Compressable in Bz2 formats. BackWPup also checks, repairs, and optimizes your database.


WordPress is a plugin that we specifically recommend for sites that use shared hosting. It does not require a special installation. Other WordPress backup plugins are an ideal choice for beginners, as it has many features in-house, such as.

Your WordPress site may crash for many reasons, including database crashes, theme corruption, plugin mismatch, or hosting company issues. But you don’t have to take any chances. There are free WordPress backup plugins that meet every need. In the best not-so-best scenario, you can easily come back from the most recent backup you’ve received your valuable data from.

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