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WhatsApp Alternative Telegram Application

Today, there are countless chat applications used for communication and chat purposes. Several of these apps are very popular and have a large number of active users. One of these popular applications is WhatsApp, almost 8 out of 10 phone users use the instant messaging application that runs entirely on the internet rather than texting through their service provider. This application, which continues to grow with each passing year, was purchased by Facebook in 2014 for $ 19 billion. Another popular messaging application is Telegram.

Telegram is another instant messaging service established 4 years after WhatsApp was launched. When the statistics are examined, it is noticed that there is a similarity between Telegram and WhatsApp. Thanks to this similarity, the Telegram application is shown as an alternative to the WhatsApp application. However, where it lacks originality, Telegram compensates by offering more features, and business models are very different applications.

WhatsApp VS Telegram

WhatsApp is primarily available as a mobile application on Android, iOS and devices running KaiOS. It also supports logging into WhatsApp via any browser, as long as you authenticate through WhatsApp’s mobile app. Telegram can be used on various platforms with client applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS and Linux. This is possible because Telegram stores all data in the cloud. It provides easier usage between platforms as there is no data passing when logging in on another device. Telegram Allows files up to 1.5GB to be shared, but this size is still too much for WhatsApp. Telegram has no restrictions on the type of file format you can share. It also provides the option to send data in uncompressed form. This, especially great when it comes to sharing images. Uncompressed images can be shared without loss of detail due to compression.

Telegram allows creating anonymous accounts with any number you have. This means you only need to have a valid number to verify your account. Telegram also offers a proprietary data protocol to secure their “Secret conversations”. Secret chat uses end-to-end encryption, storing data locally on the recipient’s devices, allowing for self-destructing messages. By comparison, Telegram draws a better profile than WhatsApp in many ways.

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