Tanmay Bakshi, a 12 Years Old Genius, IBM’s Youngest Programmer

Tanmay Bakshi, of Indian descent, one of the smartest children in the world, has slightly different characteristics than his peers. Because instead of playing computer games like his peers, he is in a position to be one of the programmers working with IBM on artificial intelligence.

Bakshi’s love for computer programs started with games at the age of 5. He then wondered how what happened on the computer screen led him to the software. It was his father who first discovered Bakshi’s interest in and helped him. He first learned computer programming and software languages ​​such as Foxro, Bash and Visual Basic.

He made his first big success at the age of 8. When he was 9 years old, he created an iOS program called TTables that helps kids learn the multiplication tables. At the age of 12, Bakshi became the youngest programmer at IBM Watson and even discovered a fatal error in a program made.

Despite his young age, Bakshi is both a writer and a software teacher. Bahshi, who has written a book containing lessons on the use of Hello Swift, a programming language to develop simple iOS applications, is also preparing to write his second book.

There is also a YouTube channel. The channel aims to teach programming, algorithms, computers, mathematics, science and technology related to IBM Watson. For now, it has 250 thousand subscribers.

In an interview, Bakshi expressed his interest in teaching: I love to share what I know, tech-loving people have the problem of lack of knowledge, so I want to share what I know on my YouTube channel and in the books I have written to help them.

Not having time to play on the street like his peers, Bakshi has been working on home programming for 2.5 years. When he’s not coding, he shoots YouTube videos or speaks at programming companies’ seminars.

Finally, Bakshi has some suggestions for young programmers:

“If you want to have goals in programming, start this business at an early age, start with the easiest ways, tamper with the programs. You don’t have to be afraid of your mistakes and give up because if you make mistakes all the time, whether you quit or not, you’ll get a better place by learning the truth through mistakes in programming.”

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