Subdomain IP Forwarding

Sometimes we want to set up a site other than our main domain and we want to make this domain in a different hosting company. Is something like this possible? Of course its possible.

First, we log in to the cPanel account and select the “Subdomains” menu from the “Domains” section.

We write the subdomain name in the subdomain box and save it, the document root is created automatically.

Then, under the “Domains” menu, we click on the “DNS Zone Editor” menu and here we change the IP address of the A record of the subdomain with the IP address given to us by the hosting company we want to set up.

For IP forwarding, it is enough to edit the IP address of the A record of the subdomain directly, if you want, you can also update additional subdomains such as www and forward them.

If you have visited the sub domain before, you may need to clear your browser history cache before accessing the new IP address from the web browser.

After doing all these operations correctly, your subdomain will be successfully directed to the IP address you entered.

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