SSD Hosting vs. HDD Hosting

Many of us do not look at whether the server is SSD or HDD when choosing hosting for the website. Actually, this is one of the first places to look.

  • SSD servers are faster than HDD servers. On these servers, our site opens faster.
  • The read/write speed on SSD servers is multiple and multiple times more than HDD.
  • SSD servers are more secure. HDD servers break down faster because they are mechanical.
  • SSDs generate less heat energy and therefore consume little power for cooling purposes.

Many companies make campaigns under the name of cheap hosting. If he’s a careless customer, he’s under the spell of cheapness and the order passes. After a while, problems begin to appear on the website. Its site starts to open slowly, give errors. One of the reasons that does this is not to choose an SSD server.

If you do not host large media files (such as videos, games) on your site, you should definitely switch to the SSD server. Even if you do, if you can afford the costs, I say go. High storage capacity SSD servers can create additional costs because they are more expensive than HDD.