Plugins Customizing the WordPress Admin Panel

You may want to use your WordPress site’s management area differently as part of the project you’re developing. Let’s take a look at the WordPress plugins you can use to personalize the Dashboard to meet your request.

Custom Dashboard Widget & Dashboard Contact Form

When delivering a WordPress site to a customer, adding your company contact information to the dashboard provides prestige for you. Custom Dashboard Widget & Dashboard Contact Form does exactly that job.


It is one of the plugins that I personally recommend to our admin. Why would you say that? This plugin helps you eliminate the clutter within the WordPress admin menu. It also has an incredibly easy to use and user-friendly intermediate. You can hide items depending on a user’s role, so it’s an add-on that absolutely needs to be tried for multi-author websites. For both security and ease of use, I recommend trying it on your site.

Admin Tweaks

Admin Tweaks is for users looking for an easy way to customize various areas of the WordPress dashboard. You can hide, remove, and change items listed in the admin bar, menu, user profile, home screen, and general WordPress settings.

Admin Columns

Admin Columns is a commercial add-in that allows you to add custom columns to pages and writing lists. There are two separate versions for free and for free.

Simple History

Simple History does not add functions to the WordPress dashboard. However, it is useful in terms of some of the features it provides. A widget is added to the dashboard homepage that shows which users have recently added or updated messages, when a widget has been added, removed, or uploaded an image to the Media Gallery. This plugin is especially preferred by Multi site administrators.

Custom Dashboard Widgets

It consists of icons that use FontAwesome; each widget can be viewed or hidden based on a user’s role. You can also add your own custom links.

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