jQuery Powered WordPress Plugins (Free)

jQuery is an incredibly popular JavaScript library. It is secure, fast and supported by many web browsers. In fact, WordPress comes with a built-in jQuery library to provide functionality and easy access for developers.

jQuery gücünü kullanmanıza yardımcı olacak WordPress eklentilerini sizler için derledik.

Equal Height Columns

It allows you to create plugin columns. The size of the library it uses is 8 KB and it has a focused design for mobile and desktop users.


As a popup plugin, popup brings a number of features in itself. It offers Mailchimp support for free. You can create popups based on specific trigger options. It is an ideal plugin especially for your email newsletter list.

Tabs Responsive

You can easily add tabs to your WordPress posts and pages thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. Tabs can be created as a page, post or widget. Horizontal and vertical layouts are available.

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget

If you want to display a countdown on your site, this plugin is designed for exactly that. The jQuery T (-) Countdown Widget offers you component and shortcode support. It works lightly and without affecting the overall performance of your site.

Rotating Tweets

Developed for those who are bored with the standard Twitter plugins, the plugin rotates animated Tweets you have sent.

WP Slide-up box

You can use the plugin to add elegant jQuery slide boxes to images on your WordPress website. You can specify certain effects, as well as use HTML codes in slide boxes.

Video Background

Video Background uses jQuery to allow you to add a video background to any element on your website. To use, you can complete the plugin settings in a few small steps.

jQuery Post Splitter

Query Post Splitter helps split your WordPress posts into multiple pages. It is one of the applications we have seen on news sites. You can determine the intervals you want to divide within the article.

jQuery Validation for Contact Form 7

This plugin adds jQuery form validation for the popular Contact Form 7 plugin. It allows you to easily verify the content of URL, e-mail addresses, dates, numbers and different form fields.

Smooth Scroll Page Up/Down Buttons

With this plugin, you can add up and down navigation feature to your site. It also allows you to make other transitions such as back to top, next page and previous page. The transition effects are pretty cool and won’t tire your website.

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