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While browsing Instagram, you may have encountered unfamiliar terms. Since these terms are usually made in abbreviation form, they may seem meaningless to you at first. Let’s find out what they mean now.

  • GT: It means backtracking. This abbreviation can be used for another user to follow back.
  • UNF: Comes from the word ‘unfollow’ and means unfollowing. Sharing in your own account can usually be like unf = unf. This means that if the followers unfollow this account, this account will also be unfollowed.
  • DM: It is the messaging tab meaning ‘Direct message’. DM is used for texting on Instagram. Users who are not followed in this DM field, which is used by the person for messaging, can be shown on a different tab.
  • Official: The official sign is displayed on the accounts of famous people, statesmen, artists such as actors or singers. This means that those accounts are official accounts.
  • TBT: This TBT abbreviation, used in the format #tbt, means ‘Throwback Thursday’. People use this tag when sharing their old pictures.
  • TB: It means the same as TBT and is the abbreviation of the word ‘Throwback’.
  • SFS: The often encountered term SFS means mutual profile sharing. Profiles are shared mutually and in this way, more followers can be easily gained in a short time.
  • Stalk: This term, which is often used by young people, is used in many social networking applications, but is generally known by Instagram. It means secretly following someone or following social network accounts privately. Stalk is done in the form of following someone through different accounts or non-real accounts.
  • Story: As can be seen from different social network accounts, it is photos and videos that can be viewed for 24 hours. It can be hidden and removed when desired. If it is not fixed to the profile, the stories will not be displayed in the profile and disappear 24 hours after being shared.
  • Fake Account: Fake accounts that are not real, meaning fake accounts, are accounts opened with pictures of different and unknown people or without adding photos and are generally used for stalks. These accounts can also be opened to raise followers and use them for different purposes.

We have compiled and shared the most used words for you. If you have terms that you know, you can share them as a comment under this topic.

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