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How to Use the Twitter Hotline?

Twitter is one of the most popular apps today. Even if we see many people around us using Instagram or Facebook, the number of users on Twitter is also not underestimated.

A support team is working to solve the problems that occur on Twitter. If users cannot find the solution to their problem on the help page, they can request support.

What is the Twitter Hotline?

When updates by Twitter or user-oriented issues arise, the Twitter support line has answered some questions with its help page. But if you cannot find the question and answer you are looking for among these answers, this will not be the solution for you. All you have to do is write to the relevant department of the Twitter support team. We have shared the e-mail addresses of these units below. If you write to which unit your problem concerns, you can get a quicker and clearer answer.

  • [email protected] : Special problems with Twitter account can be sent to this address by e-mail.
  • [email protected] : If there is an error in the application or web version, an e-mail should be sent to this address.
  • [email protected] : This address can be used for problems with account privacy.

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