How to Move a WordPress Site?

Why Is WordPress Site Migration Required?

Why WordPress Site Migration is required, people who use WordPress for the first time choose low-featured hosting services when creating their site. However, as their sites grow and receive more visitors, the traffic of these sites grows and they seek a different hosting. To move or improve your WordPress site, you need to switch from the local server to a different and live server for your site to be online. If you are a website user or developer, wordpress is a topic that you need to move to the server of your customers or visitors. You can always move your site manually and have many problems with some network configurations.

Duplicator is one of the most popular WordPress site migration resources on the web. This plugin moves the WordPress website to another hosting. The WordPress site migration process is simple, secure, and very fast. Moreover, the free version is quite sufficient.
In addition to being simple, this WordPress site migration plugin also extracts files and offers import options. Data includes plugins, themes, images, comments, and information. One of the best features of All in One WP Migration is that it can adjust the size and size of the files transferred to the new host by “bypassing”.
This feature is a very useful and easy application for hosting users.

How to Move a WordPress Site?

How to Move a WordPress Site, first export the WordPress database from your source site and make it into a single file. To do this, enter your Web server’s Phpmyadmin app and click the database to export your file.

If your destination site is a web server, access cPanel and create the database that way. Set up a user who is authorized to manage the database. Then define the user by assigning the database you just created so that they have all the rights.

If your destination site is a local server, enter phpMyAdmin to create an empty database. Automatically, the root user must be managing this database. Then import the database you created and click the Browse tab, and then load the database to create it. After the WordPress move target is created, enter the folder where your site is located from the file manager and transfer the folders and files from your site backup to the destination.

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