Getting a WordPress Site Backup

Getting a site backup is one of the important things to know. Because you may want to change your hosting company one day in the future. For this, you must know this issue.

WordPress has an import/export section in its admin menu, but getting a backup here doesn’t work very well. Because the backups you receive are just articles, comments, categories, and tags. You can’t back up images on your site here.

In my method, you can back up your site completely the same without errors.

Getting a Full Backup from FTP

You can get backups with the help of FileZilla using the ftp information that your hosting company has given you. After entering the directory where your site is located (usually public_html folder), copy the folders and files that are there completely to your computer’s disk.

Backing Up the MySQL Database

Log in to phpMyAdmin, select the database you want to back up, and then say export. This will make a backup of all the data on the site.

Restoring Backups

You can easily install the backup after login to the system with the panel information given by the newly purchased hosting company. Just like your old hosting, with your new ftp account information, you can transfer files after connecting them to the server with the help of the FileZilla program.

Site backups are typically public_html the new folder. But you were in this .com could be a folder called the file. Place the backup files and folders on your computer’s disk completely in this folder. Then create a MySQL database and user from your hosting panel and select and approve all permissions.

Then go from your panel to phpMyAdmin to select the database you created and tell them to import. Then install your previously downloaded database backup.

Warning: Open .php config with Notepad++. Enter and save the new database name, user name, and password, and upload it to the server with the help of FileZilla.

There are many backup methods besides what I wrote above. Such as backup using WordPress plugin, backup from cPanel and backup using Softaculous.

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