Autoptimize WordPress Plugin Installation and Settings

Autoptimize WordPress plugin is used to optimize your CSS and JavaScript files on your site. You can get really good results by following the simple steps.

If you are using a cache plugin but you don’t have CSS, HTML and JavaScript compression, you can use this plugin.

The working principle is, as in other cache plugins, newly created files are collected under separate folders and added to cached pages. In this way, you can have faster opening pages.

Autoptimize Settings

In general, two different editing areas are offered, simple and advanced settings, to make settings fast. To achieve the best performance for your website, you should activate the display of advanced settings in the upper right corner.

Thanks to advanced settings, you can make adjustments by detecting unwanted distortions while getting the best performance from your site.

HTML Seçenekleri

Note that HTML comments will increase the number of lines of code on your site, so keep this option inactive.

JavaScript Seçenekleri

If you use a lot of customization on your WordPress site, you should definitely adjust the settings you make in this area by testing on the incognito tab. Because each theme and plug-in needs different JavaScript files.

CSS Seçenekleri

CSS settings part works with the same logic as JavaScript settings. You can make the settings with the same logic as the settings we made above.

CDN Seçenekleri

If you are using an external content delivery service CloudFlare in this area, simply type in the CDN address of your site.

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