Anti Ad Blocker WordPress Plugins

Sites that offer up-to-date and qualified content use anti-ad promotion blockers to ensure that ad promotions are visible to readers, and if the ad promotion blocker (Adblocker) is enabled, the content remains locked and not displayed. This makes sense because it is not easy to create qualified content regularly. Creating content is a job that wants experience, knowledge, research and plenty of time. If the vast majority of your visitors to your site use ad promotion blockers, your site revenue will decline over time.

I’ll recommend you some WordPress plugins to make sure that doesn’t happen.

AdBlock X

AdBlock X is a free-to-deploy WordPress plugin that offers detailed anti-adblocker features. You can easily detect the ad promotion blocker rate used on counters such as visitor analytics, returning visitors, and page impressions.

Adblock Notify

Adblock Notify is a simple and simple WordPress plugin. It warns people who log in to your site with an ad promotion blocker to turn off ad promotion blocker plugins. This plugin is mobile compatible and works fully compatible with all mobile devices.

Anti Adblock Adspaces

Another free-to-deploy anti-adblocker WordPress plugin that is quite effective. It is simple and fully fulfills what it needs to do without the need for too many adjustments. It makes it mandatory to show advertising promotion without losing your visitors to your site.

Ad Blocking Detector

This plugin allows users who come to your site to disable ad promotion blocking software by showing different content to ad promotion blockers. In addition, the plugin offers different forms of representation according to the types of content you have selected.

As a result; We recommend that you put alerts on your site without tough sanctions on visitors who use anti-advertising extensions or programs.

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